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Human Design Relationship Reading

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The key to unlocking the success of your relationships lies in understanding the intricate dynamics of your auras when they intertwine. Every time you enter someone else's aura, a unique union aura emerges, dictating the ebb and flow of energy within your relationship. The reason your relationships may be faltering is simply due to a lack of insight into this energy exchange.

Picture this: once you gain a profound understanding of how this energy flow operates, you'll wield the power to enhance the very fabric of your relationships. Love and comprehension go hand in hand, and with this reading, you'll delve into the deepest layers of understanding your partner. Bid farewell to the uncertainties about what each person brings to the relationship table, as this reading unveils the precise energies exchanged.

No longer will you be left pondering the dynamics of compromise, dominance, companionship, or attraction—this reading will lift the veil of mystery. With absolute certainty, you'll grasp the reasons behind your relationship's unique nature. Elevate your connection by gaining insights into the energies at play, ensuring a profound understanding that transforms your relationships from uncertainty to clarity.

This session will give you the deepest insight into your unions with others:

  • Learn what energies are exchanged in your union
  • ​Learn how to improve your relationship harmony
  • Learn who the person you're in a relationship really is
  • ​Understand why your relationship is the way it is and if it's compatible long-term

"To understand another is to love another, without understanding there can only be the illusion of love"
-Davonte Sheard