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Divine Money Course

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Break free from the chains of financial struggle! Your lack of abundance is not a coincidence – it's the result of insidious blockages and poverty demons siphoning off your spiritual energy before it materializes into financial prosperity. No matter how hard you work or dream, these malevolent forces keep you in perpetual scarcity. Even winning the lottery won't save you, as they lurk in the astral realm, ready to drain your newfound wealth. The shocking truth is that these entities are hindering your financial success at every turn. Enroll in the Divine Money Course now, and discover the powerful methods to annihilate these malevolent forces and obliterate the barriers standing between you and the rivers of abundance waiting to flood into your life. Don't let unseen enemies rob you of prosperity any longer – take control, break free, and unlock the divine currents of wealth in your life today!

This course will take you step by step in restoring the currents of Divine Money into your ife:

  •  Learn how to remove poverty demons and subconscious money blocks
  • ​Learn the different frequencies of money and how to match them
  • ​Learn how to convert spiritual wealth into physical wealth
  • ​Learn how to protect yourself from astral drainage so that you can accumulate your divine wealth in peace

Abundance is your natural birth right, you didn't come here to struggle and chase money
-Davonte Sheard