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Divine Masculine Course
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Unlock the power of your Divine Masculine with our transformative course! The Divine Masculine operates at elevated states of consciousness, transcending lower frequencies. Governed by spirit, it leads with a balanced ego, free from the confines of root chakra energies. In the Divine Masculine's aura, women undergo a divine transformation, becoming more attuned with their feminine essence. Its high-frequency aura naturally elevates those who encounter it, fostering energetic submission and automatic respect. Many men struggle to unlock their Divine Masculine due to ego entrapment, but our course guides you through daily shadow work, trauma healing, and energy transmutation.

This course will take you step by step in activating your divine masculine:

  • Tap into your highest divine masculine potential that only 1% of men actually reach
  • Learn how to command respect from everyone you encounterLearn how to make the entire world submit to you
  • ​Learn how to raise your masculine self-worth to the highest levels possible​​
  • ​Access a private divine feminine in training fb group with like-minded women​
  • ​Discounted divine feminine retreats

All men and women of all races, nationalities, cultures, ages, and education levels submit to the Divine Masculine 
-Davonte Sheard