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6 Week Sexual Manifestation Course


Sexual energy is the most powerful energy you have been gifted to manifest all your desires. It's just you haven't been programming it properly to pull the desires you seek. You can have the car, the house, the relationship, the financial abundance, and even the spiritual abundance you seek. Yet you first have to learn how to change the living code of the matrix which is governed by your sexual energy. Learn the secrets of sexual manifestation in this detailed step by step 6 week sexual manifestion course.

This course will take you step by step in reprogramming your sexual energy to everything you desire:

  • Discover what the top 1% of society know about sexual energy that allows them to run the world
  • Learn how to remove all soul ties and sexual traumas
  • Learn how to overcome lust traps and porn addictions
  • Learn how to awaken your divine self and experience the greatest amount of pleasure possible to humans
  • ​Learn how to build your sexual energy to make you more attractive to your desires
  • ​Learn how to change your sexual energetic frequency
  • ​Learn how your sexual energy is uniquely expressed according to your human design chart
  • ​Learn how to give more pleasure to your sexual partner
  • ​Learn how to speed up the manifestation process
  • ​Learn how to control your thoughts to manifest your desires faster
  • ​Learn how to bring more fun, love, and abundance into your life
  • ​Private 6 week sexual manifestation course fb group

Master Your Sexual Energy, Master Your Life
- Davonte Sheard