Spiritual Guide, Forex Mentor, Sexual Alchemy Coach

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Spiritual Guide,Forex Mentor,Sexual Alchemy Coach

MEet The CEO

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Davonte Sheard has changed the lives of over 100,000+ people through his teachings

  • Disciplined: Over 10,000+ Hours Of Meditation
  • Masculine: Provider, Protector, Leader
  • Focused: Mission to transform 1 million lives
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My Spiritual services

Human Design Readings

Divine Masculinity Training

Divine Femininity Training

Divine Relationship Training

Sexual Alchemy Training

Tantric-Love Allowing Sessions

Tantric-Love Allowing Training

My Financial Services

Forex Training

Divine Money Training

Self Mastery


Unlock the exhilarating power of self-discovery – a knowledge so potent, it transcends the confines of traditional education. This is not your average school or institution; it's a journey into the realms of self-mastery, a path less than 1% of humanity has dared to tread. Enroll now in our transformative courses and trainings to gain the ultimate knowledge – the knowledge of self. Elevate your existence beyond the ordinary, and embrace the extraordinary adventure that awaits!


Turn spiritual visions into tangible reality through genuine manifestation 


Ignite the extraordinary in your relationships, soaring them to divine heights!


Maximize life's joy: Skyrocket satisfaction, amplify pleasure


Transform into a high-value individual,unlocking your full potential and standing out in every aspect of life.

Meet My Divine Star Student

Nicole Powell

Author, Speaker, Motivator

Nicole has transformed her life completely from a strong masculine traumatized woman with a history as a phone and physical sex worker to a sacred soft feminine woman using the teachings listed on this site

She has went on to write a book about her powerful transformation that also caused her to quit smoking,drinking, engaging in casual sex, and many more addictions that kept her in her lower nature

She is now vibrating at her highest divine levels enjoying an orgasmic life

A Few Of Our Divine Video Testimonials

Ben's Testimonial

Naneth's Testimonial

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​The Davontesians MembershiP

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Human Design Reading

Divine Masculinity Course

Divine Femininity Course

Divine Relationship Reading
(Human Design)

Tantric-Love Allowing Session

Tantric-Love Allowing Session

Tantric-Love Allowing Training

Tantric-Love Allowing Training

God's Strategy 2.0 Forex Course

6 Week Divine Wife Course

FinanciaL Courses

Divine Money Course

God's Strategy 2.0
(Forex Course)

Mentorship Packages

Spiritual Mentorship

3 Month Mentorship

6 Month Mentorship

Annual Mentorship

Financial Mentorship Packages

3 Month Forex Mentorship

6 Month Forex Mentorship

Annual Forex Mentorship

LifeTime Forex Mentorship



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Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I know if this works for me?

If you're a person who takes action on the knowledge recieved, this will work for you

What's the process?

You select a course/session or mentorship package that you desire, once you make payment, you will recieve your course or package immediately

 Is this virtual or in-person?

Most of the courses,sessions, and mentorship are completely virtual

 Do I get support if I'm stuck?

Yes simply reach out to the mentor Davonte Sheard and he will assist you

How long will it take to see results?

Results and timing vary depending each individual. The more you apply the teachings, the quicker you will see results